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Did the Apostle Paul believe Jesus was the Prophet-like-Moses? And does it matter? Post 8 - Paul's teaching in Acts - What does Grace mean?

In the last post I stated my case for believing Paul did embrace the early Church’s teaching that Jesus is the Prophet like Moses.  The goal of this post is to draw the connection to what Paul taught as he traveled on his missionary journeys and defended himself before Roman governors.

The disciples saw Jesus’ work and their fellowship anticipated in the Old Testament scriptures. Witnessing the fulfillment of the “new covenant” described in Jeremiah 31, they could see that just as…


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Proposal for a George Fox Reading Group in the UK

Dear Friends,

A suggestion has been put forward for the establishment of George Fox Reading Group in the UK. This would involve selecting suitable readings from the published works of George Fox and reading them aloud to each other. A similar group already exists in the United States, and this group has run successfully. Becky and Ellis Hein, in the US, are willing to join such a group and help support it.

The suggestion is that this would be done…


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In Answer to the Seminar, Different Paths up the Same Mountain

The following epistle of Fox's has a lot to say in answer to the seminar John Gibbs reported on. This epistle clearly points out the difference between the path the early Friends were walking and the "Different Paths..." concept.


In the power of life and wisdom, and dread of the Lord God of life, and heaven and earth, dwell; that in the wisdom of God over all ye may be preserved, and be a terror to all the adversaries of God, and a dread, answering that of God in them…


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The Grammar of the Gospel

Are you satisfied knowing you or your group proclaims a Christian message rather than the Christian message? The difference between that indefinite article "a" and the definite article "the" is profound. And no, claiming to have the Christian message is not arrogance. It is about our position before Christ and the role he plays in the life of the individual and the life of the Church. A brief listing in the table below makes clear the…


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God Speaks in Power

When we think of God's speaking to us, we often assume we will receive clear instructions, if not in words heard inwardly, then in a strong sense of what we should do. This certainly happens, yet there is another way God speaks to us and guides us: by power received according to the extent of our obedience.

For example, years ago I was complaining to my husband that I couldn't control my bad moods. Thus, I lost patience and temper with our two young children and always felt guilty…


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Is the natural human mind God's enemy?

I have often heard it said, in one way or another, that "The natural mind is the enemy of God". For me, this has always raised the question of "Why should God have given me a mind that is naturally his enemy?" It is contradictory that if man was created in the image of God, he should have been given a mind that is naturally his creator's enemy, but was "pre-bent" to be subservient.

After pondering this for a while, I was finally shown an answer that makes sense, If we turn to Genesis…


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His Sheep Know His Voice

"How do I know which voice to listen to?" is one of the most often-repeated questions when the Quaker practice of listening to Jesus Christ is discussed. "There are so many competing voices, both within and outside, that often it seems impossible to tell when God is speaking."

Yet Lewis Benson has written of a voice that speaks to men and women with "absolute authority, in which they cannot disbelieve, and which evokes a response of humble unconditional obedience." [George Fox's…


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 At regional meeting in April Diana Lampen gave us a very interesting and clear introduction to Experiment with Light.  I took some notes that may be of help especially for those who seek a ‘way in’ regarding spiritual experience. …


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Did the Apostle Paul believe Jesus was the Prophet-like-Moses? And does it matter? Post 7 - A look at Paul in the Acts accounts

A look at Paul in the Book of Acts.

It has been a long time since a post to this blog, so first a brief summary of the goals and prior posts.

The intent of the series of blogs is to follow a thread that George Fox and other early Friends lifted from Scripture to describe Jesus as Messiah.  The thread starts in Deuteronomy 18:15 and goes through Peter’s sermon in Acts 3 and Stephen’s defense in chapter 7.  In prior posts I pointed to the theme in other parts of the New…


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We Are Not Stuck in Sin for Term of Life

Of all the Early Quaker tenets, the doctrine of moral perfection is perhaps the most misunderstood. When confronted with the idea that we can expect complete deliverance from sin in this life, we too often think, Oh no, God expects me never to make mistakes--how can I possibly achieve that? or Now He truly expects the impossible: how can I keep from losing my temper and screaming at my spouse and children in moments of extreme stress? or I can't stop coveting my neighbor's wife…


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Quaker Alphabet Project - A Quaker Stew

Dear Friends,

I am contributing to Gill Skidmore’s Quaker Alphabet Project by writing blog postings from A-Z on A Quaker-related theme throughout 2014. I have put the link to my blog below in case you are interested:…


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The Early Quakers Knew the Truth

The focus of the Early Friends was on listening to God. This is why they held silent meetings. They knew that human activity, such as a programmed worship service, was not likely to be in response to a direct leading, received within after much waiting and prayer.…


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Work and Surrender

As Jonah was, so am I. 

I sense that the time has come to allow the Christ, our Lord and Teacher, to speak through me to the auditory that He will guide me to.

Christ has cleansed me from the dross of pride. I must walk in the path of the Guide to the glory of His name.

Pray for me as the way opens.


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Did the Apostle Paul believe Jesus was the Prophet-like-Moses? And does it matter? Post 3.3 - A quick look at the first chapters of Mark and a meditation about the Lamp on the Stand

A Reflection on Mark 4: 22-25.

Another passage has come to my attention which I want to include. This partly relates to a reflection by Ellis Hein on Post 3 about the oft repeated exhortation, “Those who have ears, let them hear!”

In Post 3, the question was posed, “How might Jesus be a prophet like Moses?” A follow on question might be, “What kind of Messiah is Jesus?”

In chapter 2-4 of Mark, Jesus progressively runs counter to the people’s expectation of the Messiah:…


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On a Personal Note

I feel somewhat constrained to share with you-all an incident that portrays the Lord's protection and care. Yesterday I was hurriedly picking cucumbers; I was late and had a lot to get done before I could stop for the day. Consequently I was trying to be quick while at the same time being careful with the vines. My hand parted the leaves in front of me and there at my fingertips lay a coiled rattlesnake. The snake did not move as I withdrew my hand and my person. I had been working near it…


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The Offices of Christ, Why Are They Important

The following material is taken from an ongoing conversation. But even so, it seemed worth publishing here.

Hello ****,

In our conversations, something has been winking at me off and on. But I have not captured it until now. In all our discussions, I have lost sight of the most important aspect. I apologize for my slowness here.  

What I have neglected concerns the offices or functions of Christ. In so far as I have read and have conversed with others, this is not a…


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The New Foundation

Among other things, I am a woodturner. From experience, I can state that it is possible to do a lot of things with dull tools. But if you ever come to use a properly sharpened tool, you will never again be satisfied with dullness.

This is the distinction between a life lived hearing and obeying the voice of Christ, the prophet like Moses whom God has raised up, and a life lived subjugated to any man-made discipline you care to name.

The reason for the difference is that hearing…


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This year our annual conference will take place in London and will be a one day event.

The theme will be "did George Fox get it right?" which is the title of a talk which Allistair Lomax gave at Britain Yearly Meeting Last year. The day's events will include untimed Meeting for Worship, a question and answer session and a bookstall.

The cost will be £10 per person payable on the day. It would however assist if those attending would contact me beforehand so that we can have make…


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February Fox Reading Conference Call

What seemed to me to be the best insight during our Fox Reading Conference Call came in response to a statement Fox made in Sermon III regarding walking by faith rather than by sight. Peter Glass pointed out that, contrary to our logic, faith is a stronger, more reliable sense than sight. This must be understood in the context of the sermon we were reading where this faith is the gift of God, written on the heart by Jesus; not the result of my efforts to believe something…


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