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What is the Gospel Message?

The Gospel Message is that Jesus Christ is alive and present in the midst of all who gather in his Name.

He is present to be our Heavenly Prophet, Lord, Shepherd, King, Bishop, Saviour, Counselor, Leader, Guide and Teacher

He is able to teach us God's righteousness and lead us out from sin.

When we gather together in the name of Jesus, there are 3 important consequences;

  • We know the worship that belongs to the New Covenant, of which Christ is truly the Leader of. As we wait upon him, he is present in our midst to teach us and empower us in God's Righteous, so that we may know and obey God. This is the worship in Spirit and in Truth that Jesus speaks of
  • We know the true ministry of the New Covenant. As Christ Jesus empowers all his people, all may be called to minister to the church, regardless of social status or gender or race. All are equal in God's eyes.
  • As we are taught by Christ to live in obediance to God, we become that Righteous Community, the Community of God's Ordering, that "city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid...". This Community is the radical disciple Church, because it hears and obeys the Voice of God, through Jesus Christ. This righteous community answers God's Call to obediance, and is able learn together, obey together and suffer together.

It is this righteous, obedient community that can bear witness to the reality of the Presence of God in His Creation and that bear witness to the establishment of God's Kingdom on this earth.

We believe that the Christian Gospel or Everlasting Gospel is a universal message for all people in all times.

We know that it can furnish us with a firm foundation for our lives, and that foundation we know to be Christ Jesus, himself.

The Everlasting Gospel is preached and heard again, today!

What is the New Foundation Fellowship?

We are Friends and Attenders in a number of Yearly Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), and outside of the Society, who agree with Lewis Benson (1906-86) that a real need exists today for the insights of George Fox into the true meaning of the Gospel. We have been brought into a fellowship as we work together to proclaim that

"God and Christ has come to teach his people himself".

We take the name ‘New Foundation’ from 1Cor.3:11 "No other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus", because although this is the same unchanging foundation, it has given us new hope and new strength and is always good news to every generation. It is Christ Jesus himself, who is this foundation and we only preach him. We form a network of Friends seeking to revive the travelling ministry, once the life-blood of the Society of Friends. We believe that the early Quaker message has a universal appeal and that it can bring unity to our divided Society, and meet the needs of people in the churches, and outside.

We arrange meetings in Britain, the USA and wherever seems right for our workers so that we can worship and learn together, proclaim the Gospel, and conduct essential business. We also hold open meetings wherever and whenever possible. International gatherings have been held in Britain, as well as in North America.

Some of us have traveled in the ministry to Australia, North America, Japan, many places in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and Africa. Wherever and whenever there is an opportunity to preach the Everlasting Gospel (Rev. 14:7), New Foundation workers will try to respond, and support those who are convinced and who wish to gather in the Name of Jesus.

The George Fox Fund publishes books and articles on George Fox’s teaching, on prophetic Christianity and the relevance of the Bible. An annual newsletter goes out to a mailing list in Europe, and a quarterly periodical ‘New Foundation Papers’ is obtainable by subscription of £4.00 for 4 issues.

The NFF exists to preach the Christian Message that was proclaimed by the Early Friends. Christ has come to teach his People himself

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To find New Foundation Fellowship books and materials, go to our literature site. Items for  download can be found on our Downloads page. There is a small charge for downloaded items.

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