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The New Way

The following is based upon vocal ministry given in a Philadelphia meeting on 11/5/17.

There is a story about Jesus that takes place after he’d been ministering for a while. He was at home, visiting with his brothers shortly before a festival was to occur in Jerusalem. His brothers were planning to go to the festival, but Jesus was not planning to go with them. The brothers spoke to Jesus, perhaps to chastise him for not going, or perhaps to mock…


Posted by Patricia Dallmann on 3rdMo. 25, 2018 at 16:31 — 4 Comments

The story of the rich young man

There’s more to the New Testament story of the rich young man than the passage in Matthew 19:16-26 records. This additional information, when I recently learned it, explained many things to me and deepened my understanding of the episode.

In brief the story is: A rich young man asks Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life. After Jesus establishes that the young man has kept all the commandments, the man further inquires, “What do I still lack?”



Posted by Rebecca Hein on 3rdMo. 10, 2018 at 14:08 — 1 Comment

Do You Believe...

Ellis, do you believe in…?” I have been asked this question concerning many different “objects of belief:” God, Jesus, scripture, etc. But when I was recently asked “Do you believe in the Devil?” as an admonition to look at scripture as our safeguard against the wiles of Satan, I deemed it appropriate to make a thorough explanation.…


Posted by Ellis Hein on 3rdMo. 7, 2018 at 13:30 — 5 Comments

George Fox on Sanctification

Per a recent discussion, I have looked at what George Fox had to say about Sanctificaion. My search terms were “sanctification,” “sanctify,” and “sanctified.” The greatest density of Fox’s statements occurred in Vol. III, but the terms are found throughout his writings.

  1. Vol. III --- 183 hits
  2. Vol. V --- 76 hits
  3. Vol. VI --- 59 hits
  4. Vol. VIII – 36 hits
  5. Vol. I --- 23 hits
  6. Vol. VII --- 20 hits
  7. Vol. II --- 18 hits
  8. Vol. IV…

Posted by Ellis Hein on 2ndMo. 27, 2018 at 0:58 — 13 Comments

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When George Fox spoke of passing through the two-edged flaming sword upon entering the paradise of God, he drew from biblical imagery, which distinguished one way of being from another. Earthly wisdom and the transgressing life could not enter but was cut down and burnt up by that figurative sword.

When the testimony is made, it is the same in every age: Women and men come into a new way of being, renewed up into the Image of God in righteousness, holiness and freedom. Established on our Foundation, Christ Jesus, we know the steadfast state of Grace and Truth. As did those who came before and knew by experience, let us go out to declare the Truth for the love of it.

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Patricia Dallmann commented on Patricia Dallmann's blog post The New Way
"The early Quakers became sons of God in that they received the spirit of Christ (Jn.1:12), which cast out all other spirits, as Christ's spirit is more powerful than any other spirit. I think of the spirit of Cain who became murderous toward…"
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Ellis Hein commented on Patricia Dallmann's blog post The New Way
"I am always struck by the relevance of the latter part of Isaiah 54 and the early portion of 55. Isaiah 54 speaks of "all your sons will be taught by the Lord" and this we have seen in the early Quakers. Chapter 55 then gets to our day:"
4thMo 12
Patricia Dallmann commented on Patricia Dallmann's blog post The New Way
"Thanks, Allistair. As time passes, more and more Quakers are noticing and admitting that their meetings lack depth and life. Some have written about needing a new idea to restore Quakerism, something more pertinent to present-day needs. The world…"
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"Welcome, Christian, to the NFF website. I hope you will take the opportunity to tell us something of yourself and your situation in Germany."
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The NFF exists to preach the Christian Message that was proclaimed by the Early Friends. Christ has come to teach his People himself

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