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Ellis Hein
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  • Casper, WY
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Ellis Hein commented on Dan Davenport's blog post A Reflection as regards Forgiveness
"Dan, Good points. I have had some further thoughts about repentance after reading your response. Repentance must be about the correct thing for it to be of any use. We may "repent of our sins" but unless we repent of our willfully walking…"
6thMo 15
Ellis Hein commented on Dan Davenport's blog post A Reflection as regards Forgiveness
"Dan, When someone has committed a wrongful act against me, there is injury to both parties. What you are talking about, me turning loose of the wrong committed against me, opens the way for healing my injury. There may be a more accurate term than…"
6thMo 13
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post A Matter Of Surrender
"Rhonda, I do not know what the paraphrase editions of the Bible would say, but it is very interesting to look through the King James edition to see what it has to say regarding "the poor." I found it to be very worthwhile. A lot of what I…"
6thMo 7
Ellis Hein commented on Rebecca Hein's event 'International Telephone Conference Call: Reading & Discussing the 8-vol. Works of George Fox'
"Please note that the date has been corrected to the 11th of this month instead of the 6th of the 11th month."
6thMo 7
Ellis Hein is attending Rebecca Hein's event

International Telephone Conference Call: Reading & Discussing the 8-vol. Works of George Fox at Casper, Wyoming, USA

6thMo. 11, 2016 from 7:45am to 9:15am
As with last month's call, the first 45 minutes will be devoted to reading/discussing the Works of George Fox, Vol. 1. Anyone who wishes may stay on the call for another 45 minutes (approximate) for a Meeting for Worship. Non-U.S. callers need to let the site administrators know by Thursday June 9, 2016, if they plan to participate so you can be given the dial-in information for your country. The meeting time specified is Mountain Daylight Time, USA. note: to call into this conference call…See More
6thMo 7
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post My Goodness
"Thanks, Rhonda, for detailing the insight into C.S. Lewis'  The Great Divorce. It has been 40 years since I read that book and I did not see in it what you are pointing out. Though, thinking back, I can see it now. I have not seen eye to…"
5thMo 10
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post Praise and Encouragement
"Thanks, Rhonda, for the clarification. "
4thMo 30
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post Praise and Encouragement
"Thank you, Pat, for the quote from Brunner. This makes so much more sense than the Wikipedia article I tried to read, which I found to be very confusing. I really like Brunner's statment, "God can only glorify Himself and impart Himself…"
4thMo 27
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post Praise and Encouragement
"Thanks, Rhonda. And just a note, I had no intention to make assumptions but was responding to what I read. I have no way to distinguish between what you say and what you intend. So, I thought I was asking for clarification of what you were saying.…"
4thMo 27
Toni Figueira left a comment for Ellis Hein
"Many thanks, Ellis! Toni"
4thMo 26
Ellis Hein left a comment for Toni Figueira
"Hello Toni, I am glad you have listened to Lewis Benson's 5 lectures. I also highly recommend that you download and read (not audio files) Lewis Benson's series of 10 presentations titled, Rediscovering the Teaching of George Fox. This is…"
4thMo 26
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post Praise and Encouragement
"A couple of things  need clarification here, which I hope you will address.  You seem to be making individual relationship with God opposite to and contradictory to a community relationship with God. And you seem to imply that this was…"
4thMo 26
Toni Figueira left a comment for Ellis Hein
"Thank you for the introduction, Ellis. I have been drawn to the Society of Friends for a few months now, in particular the Gospel as preached by the early Quakers. I currently frequent evangelical gatherings if and when circumstances permit. There…"
4thMo 25
Ellis Hein commented on Rhonda Fuller's blog post Praise and Encouragement
"This does sound encouraging. I was interested in your comment about Brunner and monism. I looked monism up in Wikipedia and was reminded of why I never could have been a philosopher. Can you provide more detail about monism and why Brunner included…"
4thMo 25
Ellis Hein left a comment for Toni Figueira
"Welcome, Toni. Please feel free to tell us something about yourself and your interest in the work of the New Foundation Fellowship. Ellis"
4thMo 24
Ellis Hein commented on Ellis Hein's blog post Causes or Kingdom
"Thanks, Pat. Excellent points, all."
4thMo 12

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Ellis Hein's Blog

Causes or Kingdom

I have run into a number of issues and causes over the years put forth as being things "we should be involved in." I have first-hand experience of being "involved in" a number of such worthy causes. But it is not the worthy causes that form the foundation of righteousness.

Many will come to me on that day saying, "Lord, Lord, did we not..." [and there follows a list of worthy issues and causes]. I will say to them, "Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew…

Posted on 4thMo. 11, 2016 at 11:30 — 2 Comments

All Things Come By or Through Nature? This Month's Fox Reading and Discussion Call

Saturday, during our reading and discussion of Fox's Journal (See Works of Fox, Vol. 1, pp. 83-86)  an opening began growing in my mind concerning Fox's temptation.

"All things come by nature," said the tempter. And, as is usually the case, the lie is coated with enough "fact" to make it easy to swallow the poison. 

First of all we need to establish a working definition of what nature is. My definition, that which was opened to me, is nature is the vehicle by which God works.…


Posted on 3rdMo. 15, 2016 at 12:50 — 1 Comment

1-9-2016 Fox Reading Conference Call

For information on joining the monthly, Saturday, Fox Reading Conference Calls, watch for the monthly listing at

On the 1-9-2016 conference call we read and considered text from The Works of Fox, 1831, pp-75-77. (Note: this material is also available in C.D. format from We covered such topics…


Posted on 1stMo. 12, 2016 at 14:21


A group of us were considering Fox's epistle 24, which contains the following passage:

And so, our unity and fellowship with vain man are lost, and all his evil ways are now turned into enmity; and all his profession is now found to be deceit, and in all his fairest pretences lodgeth cruelty; and the bottom and ground of all his knowledge of God and Christ is found sandy, and cannot endure the tempest. For being brought off from that foundation, and having suffered the loss…

Posted on 12thMo. 27, 2015 at 1:00 — 1 Comment

Comment Wall (35 comments)

At 15:23 on 7thMo. 6, 2011, Tom Smith said…

We have been in the Minneapolis area for about a year. My major connection with NFF is that for 3 years we attended Manasquan MM with Lewis Benson. My father was a pastor in Indiana YM (FUM) and a missionary in Jamaica and Kenya. He was a student of Friends history and tried to convey the living Christ 24/7. We moved to NJ after my PhD in Science Ed and became "convinced" "unprogrammed" Friends especially with Lewis and other members there. I have been a member or "active attender" in FGC, FUM, Independent(Beanite), EFCI, and Conservative Meetings.

We are now "retired" near our daughter and her family.

At 12:14 on 7thMo. 7, 2011, Peter Glass said…

Hello Ellis,

I haven't yet met or known about Tom Smith, but am looking forward to perhaps meeting with him.

Thanks for the information!


At 7:28 on 7thMo. 11, 2011, Stuart Masters said…

Dear Ellis,


Thank you for your welcome. Just read your piece on the Lord's Prayer. Appreciated it!





At 2:34 on 7thMo. 22, 2011, Peter Glass said…

Hello Ellis,

b.t.w I emailed Tom Smith, but haven't received a reply yet. I'll track him down somehow, as he sounds like an interesting contact.



At 17:28 on 7thMo. 22, 2011, Allistair Lomax said…

I'll put it to the other members of the site committee to see what they think?

Paul and Mike, any comments to this suggestion?

At 8:54 on 7thMo. 26, 2011, Kenneth Schroeder said…
Hi Ellis. As I am a bit isolated here in Portugal, and have no meeting to attend, I am always looking for other ways to surround myself with Quakers. Aside from the Bible and my Quaker Reader, the internet  seems to be the best way to do that. I am sure NFF will be a help to me, and I hope to contribute to the mission of NFF as well. Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to communicating with you in the future.
At 14:00 on 9thMo. 3, 2011, Peter Kennedy said…
Greetings from Scotland Ellis.  I have been a Quaker for just over 20 years and am saddened that some British Quakers do not seem to be interested in the words of George Fox and the early Quakers, they see them as being secondary to their Quakerism.  How often do we hear the words of early Friends quoted in ministry?  Fox said that Christ had come to teach his people himself, but we rarely hear his teachings or name in ministry either.
At 19:25 on 9thMo. 4, 2011, Peter Kennedy said…
I've been to one NFF meeting a few years back - in Edinburgh.   I work in Employabilty - supporting those with disabilities, mental health or substance misuse to get or maintain their employment.
At 15:53 on 9thMo. 5, 2011, Stephanie Stuckwisch said…

Hi Ellis,

No, it's not my work. It's the abalone inlay on the peghead of my mountain dulcimer. The luthier is Janita Baker.


At 22:35 on 9thMo. 11, 2011, Stephanie Stuckwisch said…
Sorry, Ellis. It's rosewood. The luthier told my walnut is too soft for an inlay.

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