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5-21-12 Fox Reading Conference Call

We considered Fox's advice, that when the business was concluded, to sit still a while to feel the power of God and to not go beyond the power.  (Sermon 2 from "That Thy Candles May Always Be Burning) He advised that in the power we are to know God and to love Christ and to keep the household of faith in good order. And when a contrary mind rises within to say, "Why should I do such and such?" then wait in the power of God to know the mind of Christ to flow over us. Thus are we kept in the…


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Let us show 'what it means to be a Quaker today'

' Now the whole earth had one language and few words. As men migrated from the east, they settled on a plain in the land of Babylon. "Come", they said to one another, "let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly." Then they had brick for stone and bitumen for mortar. "Let us build a city," they said, "and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves."

The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. "Behold," he…


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How to Create a Principled Capitalism

The M Prize is a current competition to raise ideas for creating a principled capitalism that takes the long view and is socially responsible.  Members of this website may enjoy parts of my entry, found here:

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Request from a Friend in Poland

We have recently received the following from Tomasz Kowalski, in Turin, Poland. He is visiting London with family and friends, from today (27-4-2012) to the 8-5-2012. Would any NFF supporters in the London area be able to meet up with him. I have invited him to the Ripley Gathering on the 5th of  5th Month at Ripley, but I think it would be good for him to meet a wider circle of NFF Friends;

Allistair Lomax

Hello Brothers and…

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4-16-12 Fox Reading Conference Call

We covered just one paragraph from Sermon 2 in, "That Thy Candles May Always Be Burning."

I would not say we wandered off topic, but we touched on the subject of "being renewed up into the image of God." What did Fox mean by the statement "So now come up to the state before the Fall. Here is the wisdom of God, so in his wisdom to order all things to his glory and honor. Here is the top, and Christ set above all, and God hath made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus…


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They say you can tell a man by his hat

   I was contemplating how to introduce myself to Friends here and I found one of my old writings which although not spiritual or remotely religious in content, it seems to sum me up. I come from along line of Quakers on my mothers side, our ancestors can be traced back to the 1680s in Herefordshire England. My fathers side are all Catholic, some from England and some from the North of Ireland so its a bit of a mix. I started to be involved with Friends in Winnipeg Canada in 1990 and…


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Speaking Truth to Power: Why Britain Yearly Meeting Did Not...

The artwork above is by E. Burne-Jones, April 1888, for the first book edition of William Morris' A Dream of John Ball. Illustrates the couplet "When Adam delved and Eve span / Who was then the gentleman?" which had international popularity in several Germanic languages as an equalitarian slogan during the medieval period.…


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Monday Night Fox Reading Call for March

Away with the body of death and purgatory! Away with them! Come to the apostles' religion, the true saints! For we are come again to the apostles' days and have that which they had and were in! So we have done with all that hath been set up since the apostles' days and [are come again] to a glorious church which Christ Jesus hath presented to God, that is without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy, and without blemish. (Eph. 5:27) This religion was…

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The Choice Is Between Religion And Christ

"Which of the books by Lewis Benson is my favorite?" The question came floating up in my mind as I was putting various titles into our estore. The task is not so demanding that it doesn't allow room for such reflections.

However, I could not decide.

Today, I have it. My favorite book by Lewis is whatever one I am currently reading. At the moment it happens to be The Truth is Christ, New Foundation Publication #5.

I have just finished Lewis' essay on The…


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The Women Under the Cross

The Women Under the Cross  …


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The Monday Night Fox Reading Conference Call

Following is an excerpt from Sermon II (That Thy Candles May Always Be Burning) that we were reading and considering on our recent monthly call. We found this to be a very deep and searching time.


So keep the Sabbath; think not your own thoughts, for we are atop of that nature in Christ where evil thoughts are, that nature being taken away by Christ. So you should not think your own thoughts, do your own works, speak your own words. In the outward Sabbath there…


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Latest version of the UK NFF Newsletter is available

UK Newsletter #39d (Winter) is available. It contains a precursor of our main Woodbrooke theme, Fox's Firbank Fell sermon by Justin Meggit (our main presenter) and an article on the same theme by Michael Langford. Go Here

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Book Review: Strength in Weakness Manifest, by Elizabeth Stirredge (1634-1706)

Book Review: Strength in Weakness Manifest, by Elizabeth Stirredge (1634-1706) 

With an introduction and notes by T.H.S. Wallace

Published by Foundation Publications, Camp Hill, PA USA, 2011

"Elizabeth Stirredge's small memoir, Strength in Weakness Manifest, is a treasury of spiritual wisdom on what it takes to be a faithful minister of the Lord Jesus Christ…


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Faith Is What?

"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," or so goes the author of the book of Hebrews. My definition goes somewhat differently, though I suspect it comes to the same thing in practice. Faith is that which keeps me going, following the command of Christ, when all reason, all outward evidence, and all advice points a different direction. Faith is the willingness to look like an absolute fool for the sake of being obedient to Christ's direction. Faith keeps…


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Did the Apostle Paul believe Jesus was the Prophet-like-Moses? And does it matter? Post 6 - An aside into Hebrews

An aside into Hebrews


It has been some time since I made a post to this blog.  I have had subjects for at least three separate posts swirling inside and it is time to publish again.

My intent for this post was to take a look at the non-Pauline epistles in the New Testament (not already touched on in prior posts) before tackling Paul directly in the next.  In the writing my focus has narrowed.  My family has been reading the book of Hebrews together.  As I have pondered…


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A Question From a Serious Enquirer

We were recently asked to respond to an online discussion.

The point we were asked to respond to was as follows; "Well, my most important question that i asked earlier is that what is so special about George Fox's views and beliefs? From what i understand, he wasn't satisfied with the Anglicans and Catholics of his time and he took matters into his own hand. He started preaching, and sharing the gospel in his own special way!…


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The Word Within

I have been enjoying reading Pat Dallmann's The Word Within. I have known Pat for a number of years, so her fresh insights and the depth she brings to her essays are what I would expect, though I can't always anticipate her conclusions.


Even though I have not yet finished Pat's book, I want to encourage others to read it. If you have read it, what do you think of it?


Copies can be purchased from Terry Wallace,…


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really interesting website containing the complete Works of George Fox and other Quaker material

Forgive me if you all know of this website and I just haven't spotted it.

I was trying to find the 8 Volume Works of George Fox (at an affordable price!) and came across a site created by (I believe) 2 American Friends - they've scanned and proofed not only the complete Works, but also material by many other Friends, and the home pages also present Christian Quaker thought on the bible in a very clear and gentle way.…


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Down to Egypt

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Stretching our understanding and experience of the Messiah

The following is a paper I gave at the Oregon gathering this summer which was a joint meeting of the NFF and the Wider Conservative Friends Fellowship.  It is related to the blog I have been working on this year (2011) but has its own content.  May it be of use to you who read it.


Stretching our understanding and experience of the Messiah

“They asked one another, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us as he talked to us on the road and opened the…


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