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This year our annual conference will take place in London and will be a one day event.

The theme will be "did George Fox get it right?" which is the title of a talk which Allistair Lomax gave at Britain Yearly Meeting Last year. The day's events will include untimed Meeting for Worship, a question and answer session and a bookstall.

The cost will be £10 per person payable on the day. It would however assist if those attending would contact me beforehand so that we can have make…


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February Fox Reading Conference Call

What seemed to me to be the best insight during our Fox Reading Conference Call came in response to a statement Fox made in Sermon III regarding walking by faith rather than by sight. Peter Glass pointed out that, contrary to our logic, faith is a stronger, more reliable sense than sight. This must be understood in the context of the sermon we were reading where this faith is the gift of God, written on the heart by Jesus; not the result of my efforts to believe something…


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Behold the Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sin of the World and the Cleansing of the Temple

John the Baptist's announcement concerning the Lamb of God, in John 1, came in the midst of a culture of sacrifice and ritual; a culture heavily invested in the perpetual sense of guilt before God and the continual need to appease God. In John, chapter 2, Jesus overthrows money-changer's tables and drives out the merchants of sacrifice along with all their animals. His accusation of making "my Father's house a house of merchandise" has to do with the culture and economy of sin.



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Water to Wine

I have never been able to find any significance to the account of the marriage feast in John 2. This morning, I read again the portion of scripture and suddenly I saw. The steward of the marriage feast said to the waiter who brought him the water-now-wine, "Everyone first serves the good wine, and when people have drunk that, then brings out the not as good. But you have served the best last." (my paraphrase) The writer inserts the comment, "This first sign Jesus performed in…


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New Book that will interest NFF folks.

I have published a new book coutesy of Inner Light Books (San Francisco, 2012).

It is entitled, The Early Quakers and the 'Kingdom of God'.

I'm sure NFF folks will really like it.

It's in paperback and hardback and available at FGC and BYM bookstores.


Gerard Guiton

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NFF Workers' Gathering September 2012

The Workers' Gathering and Meeting for Business took place at Gloucester on 22nd September.  The intended venue-  Gloucester Meeting House -  was not available as it had fallen victim to a fire. However,  Ursula Windsor stepped in and provided wonderful hospitality.

There were several items of business.  After news of Friends,  we discussed Tomasz Kowalski,  who is building a Quaker group in Poland.  He was in England recently and raised the matter of translating some early writings…


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Believe in the Light of Christ


What is the distinction between the believing that produces the witness within and the belief that is Pharisee-like? The true believing is an active acceptance of the Light of Christ, the life in Him, as our living guide. The Pharisee-like belief is an acceptance of certain propositions while at the same time we hide ourselves from the revealing light of Christ that would make our true condition manifest.


What is the witness within that results from believing the…


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Opening Pages of Sermon III

We had a very precious time last evening on the monthly Fox reading conference call. We began on Sermon III from That Thy Candles May Always be Burning.

One of the things we spoke about concerned the word "Lord". The historical meaning of Lord is the supplier of bread. Much of what Fox had to say in the opening portions of this sermon has to do with The Supplier of Bread and what comes of eating that Bread.

What do the professors feed on? The rudiments of…

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Friends may recall Tomasz Kowalski,  a Friend from Torun Poland who visited England during 4th and 5th month months of this year.  He wished to make contact with Friends here,  and approached New Foundation Fellowship.  Eventually we met at Bromley Local Meeting in South East London.  Following Meeting,  Tomasz spoke to us about his work among ex-prisoners in Poland.  Later he joined our Gathering in Ripley and spoke of it as a wonderful experience.

Tomasz returned to Poland with the…


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My View from Firbank Fell

I write about this problem of controversy over Christ among American Friends to encourage us who are Christian Quakers to face it head on. Let us labor with the other side in love. Recently a Friend told me that Jesus is welcome in Liberal Friends meetings, but we dare not say his name. This suppression of Christian language is the heart of the problem. Healing is the only way to solve it and to do that we need dialog.

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My View from Firbank Fell By Maurine Pyle

             While on a private pilgrimage to northwest England several years ago, I was moved to climb Firbank Fell, the hill where the great spiritual movement of Quakerism began. The historical marker said that in 1652 one thousand people had gathered there to hear a sermon by George Fox, a young itinerant preacher.  I wondered, as I looked around, why so many people had climbed the steep hill to hear him? Later I discovered that they had come to the market fair at…


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This may be the time-  a few days after returning from the New Foundation Gathering at Woodbrooke-  to express some thoughts  concerning both the past and the future.

It was good to meet, and spend time with, those who had given not only their time, but their lives, to carrying out the work which Lewis Benson and others started. It was clear that their commitment was beyond that which might be expected in the mundane affairs of everyday life. But they were not dealing with everyday…


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An even cursory glance at the content on this site would suggest to a bystander that there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with Britain Yearly Meeting, and Quakerism generally in this country. Can this be remedied? I think not. One of the big debates within BYM at present concerns what will happen in the future. A couple of people with whom I have discussed this have gone as far as trying to predict "how long is left".…


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5-21-12 Fox Reading Conference Call

We considered Fox's advice, that when the business was concluded, to sit still a while to feel the power of God and to not go beyond the power.  (Sermon 2 from "That Thy Candles May Always Be Burning) He advised that in the power we are to know God and to love Christ and to keep the household of faith in good order. And when a contrary mind rises within to say, "Why should I do such and such?" then wait in the power of God to know the mind of Christ to flow over us. Thus are we kept in the…


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Let us show 'what it means to be a Quaker today'

' Now the whole earth had one language and few words. As men migrated from the east, they settled on a plain in the land of Babylon. "Come", they said to one another, "let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly." Then they had brick for stone and bitumen for mortar. "Let us build a city," they said, "and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves."

The Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. "Behold," he…


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How to Create a Principled Capitalism

The M Prize is a current competition to raise ideas for creating a principled capitalism that takes the long view and is socially responsible.  Members of this website may enjoy parts of my entry, found here:

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Request from a Friend in Poland

We have recently received the following from Tomasz Kowalski, in Turin, Poland. He is visiting London with family and friends, from today (27-4-2012) to the 8-5-2012. Would any NFF supporters in the London area be able to meet up with him. I have invited him to the Ripley Gathering on the 5th of  5th Month at Ripley, but I think it would be good for him to meet a wider circle of NFF Friends;

Allistair Lomax

Hello Brothers and…

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4-16-12 Fox Reading Conference Call

We covered just one paragraph from Sermon 2 in, "That Thy Candles May Always Be Burning."

I would not say we wandered off topic, but we touched on the subject of "being renewed up into the image of God." What did Fox mean by the statement "So now come up to the state before the Fall. Here is the wisdom of God, so in his wisdom to order all things to his glory and honor. Here is the top, and Christ set above all, and God hath made us to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus…


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They say you can tell a man by his hat

   I was contemplating how to introduce myself to Friends here and I found one of my old writings which although not spiritual or remotely religious in content, it seems to sum me up. I come from along line of Quakers on my mothers side, our ancestors can be traced back to the 1680s in Herefordshire England. My fathers side are all Catholic, some from England and some from the North of Ireland so its a bit of a mix. I started to be involved with Friends in Winnipeg Canada in 1990 and…


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Speaking Truth to Power: Why Britain Yearly Meeting Did Not...

The artwork above is by E. Burne-Jones, April 1888, for the first book edition of William Morris' A Dream of John Ball. Illustrates the couplet "When Adam delved and Eve span / Who was then the gentleman?" which had international popularity in several Germanic languages as an equalitarian…


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