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At 15:38 on 12thMo. 28, 2018, Roy Allen said…

Thank you, Ellis. I look forward to learning more about the group and members.

At 1:53 on 7thMo. 11, 2019, Wayne Pelling said…

Hi Ellis and thank you for the welcome:

I live in the Yarra Valley in the State of Victoria Australia

am a nurse working in education and training

born into a Church of Christ family and have journeyed from  there to Presbyterian,Lutheran, Baptist ,attended Quakers for 4 years -Australian Yearly Meeting  affiliate but Christ was a shadow for them ,and after a few years became a Catholic. It is in the last 6 months that I have  begun to walk away from ritualism,clericalism "hireling priests,Mariolatory etc - and back to basing my life upon Christ and the Scriptures.The Radical Reformation such as the Historic Peace Churches-Quakers,AnaBaptists  -is where I now situate myself-i.e almost full circle.

At 15:30 on 8thMo. 1, 2019, John Jeremiah Edminster said…

The week-long visit from David and Trish Johnson to our home was heavenly, Ellis. It was like getting a visit from a beloved older, wiser brother and sister that I'd forgotten I'd ever had. After months in the Northern Hemisphere, I think they were both missing a house they could call their own, and I was happy to benefit from their cooking and house-cleaning as well as their wisdom! NFF readers will be most interested, I think, in the talk David gave at West Richmond Friends Meeting on 6/23. I took notes on his talk, "Might We Become as Obedient as Jesus?" and, with David's approval, posted them on Facebook. I'll re-post them here.

At 16:46 on 9thMo. 13, 2019, Shawn Lazar said…

Thank you so much for accepting me! I'm so glad to be here, able to learn more about George Fox, Lewis Benson, and Christ teaching me Himself.

At 1:39 on 3rdMo. 1, 2020, Wayne Pelling said…

deepest apologies for not responding.I have not been over this "way "for a while

At 2:28 on 8thMo. 20, 2020, Elise Hansard said…

Thank you Ellis. It is gratifying to have this connection. I want to be open to Christ’s presence and leading, to be still - to stand still until I am clear, and to do what I can to open others to this Way. 

At 6:27 on 12thMo. 9, 2020, Reza Ardhian said…

Hi Ellis, I didn't finish the translation yet. But Henry is helping me with the text by translating it into Modern English to make it easier for me to translate it. I will continue translating after my exam next week. Please pray for me!

At 20:29 on 1stMo. 24, 2022, Ellis Hein said…

There were things in that presentation that trouble me deeply. I will mention a couple here. First is what seems to me to be a distortion of the Jeremiah 15:16 passage. In looking at the Hebrew, I would say that he or the translators were bent on something the text does not support. James' statement that Jeremiah ate the words and the words became the word does not hold water. The word used in Hebrew is the same in both instances. Now, he makes the assumption "Thy Words were found, and I ate them," is equivalent to reading scripture. Contrast that view with Fox's statement in the Journal: "My desires after the Lord grew stronger, and zeal in the pure knowledge of God, and of Christ alone, without the help of any man, book, or writing. For though I read the scriptures that spake of Christ and of God, yet I knew him not but by revelation, as: he who hath the key did open, and as the Father of life drew me to his son by his spirit. " (Vol. 1, p.74) The words of God that, when eaten, bring joy and gladness of heart are those inward whisperings that draw us to the son. "The words I have/am speaking to you, these are spirit, these are life," Jesus told/tells his disciples. The joy and gladness have their rise in this life.

The second thing is James' use of the term "The Word" to refer to scripture. The significance of those words is that they are the name of the source of life. "In the beginning was the him was life and the life was the light of men." This is not scripture. They are a testimony to the one who is life, but they have no life in themselves.

I would like to suggest that you compare Edward Burrough's introduction to Vol. 3 of Fox's works with what was presented on this video.

This, perhaps, is enough for the moment. I would still like to hear from you what you found beneficial.

At 23:18 on 6thMo. 19, 2022, Larry Muller said…

Thanks Ellis for the warm welcome, comment on my photo, and some initial suggestions on maximizing the use of the website. I look forward to perusing what is available. I plan to sign into the Fox Reading Zoom tonight. I may be a bit quiet for the first few times as I get to know and feel comfortable with the members of the Fellowship. As time goes on I expect questions and comments will be forth coming. I'm an introvert, but not shy (no, that's not an oxymoron) :) Larry

At 16:39 on 8thMo. 22, 2022, Salva said…

Thank you Ellis.

At 0:44 on 3rdMo. 4, 2023, Carol Rodriguez said…

Hi Ellis, Thank thee for adding me to NFF. I look forward to learning more and engaging in discussions. 


At 5:05 on 4thMo. 8, 2024, Benjamin Gosling said…

Oh dear, I now realise that my words just now will be on a notice-board for OYM-ers to see. I really don't like attracting attention to myself. Can anything be done?

At 15:27 on 4thMo. 11, 2024, Benjamin Gosling said…

My daughter has gone off again but when I find out how to enlarge the photo I'll see whether I recognise any of the titles by their spines and let you know. I expect my house is the booky-est place for miles around.

"No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books"                                                           said Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"The mere brute pleasure of reading - the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing."                                                           said the earl of Chesterfield

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