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Three Questions and The Great Commission

Jesus told his disciples, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

Why make disciples of all nations? Because they have all abandoned the life mankind was created to live. They have abandoned the image of God and instead of living beings, they are lifeless.

So, I am brought back to the Garden and I hear the Voice of the Lord walking in the Garden calling, "Ha-a-dam where are you? Ha-a-dam, where are you?"

Mankind, finding they are naked, have hidden…


Posted by Ellis Hein on 4thMo. 10, 2024 at 3:11

Epistle 78,

I love these first lines. "Friends, in the power and life of God dwell, in unity one with another, that with the life of God ye may answer that of God in every one." We came back to this theme many times during our discussion of the epistle. If we are seeking to reach that seed of God in our adversary we do not take vengeance we do not seek to win arguments. Our aim is to touch something in the other person that causes a Godly response, a quickening of the embryo that has long been buried…


Posted by Ellis Hein on 3rdMo. 20, 2024 at 2:47

Do Nothing For The Lord By Earthly Policy

Ye must do nothing for the Lord by earthly policy, nor trust to that; but wait in the power of the Lord God, and be ordered by that to his glory. Ye will never be right, till then, and that must keep peace among you.

Epistle LXXV (75) is full of Godly wisdom, but this quote jumped out. Do our lives reflect being ordered by the power of the Lord God? are they the products of earthly policy? This and much more filled our more than an hour of discussion on this epistle.…


Posted by Ellis Hein on 2ndMo. 23, 2024 at 14:29

Recording of today's study of the Journal of George Fox

We were a small group this morning. The text, however, that we read and discussed I found to be quite powerful. Fox was just coming out from under a deep, spiritual and physical exercise, which many thought would be the cause of his death. As he was being released from burden of that exercise, he had openings into the heavenly Jerusalem and how those who dwell therein know Christ who is able and "of ability" to bring you up into the state of Adam and Eve before the fall and into a higher…


Posted by Ellis Hein on 2ndMo. 11, 2024 at 3:00

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When George Fox spoke of passing through the two-edged flaming sword upon entering the paradise of God, he drew from biblical imagery, which distinguished one way of being from another. Earthly wisdom and the transgressing life could not enter but was cut down and burnt up by that figurative sword.

When the testimony is made, it is the same in every age: Women and men come into a new way of being, renewed up into the Image of God in righteousness, holiness and freedom. Established on our Foundation, Christ Jesus, we know the steadfast state of Grace and Truth. As did those who came before and knew by experience, let us go out to declare the Truth for the love of it.

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