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At 18:49 on 4thMo. 1, 2014, Allan Halton said…

Greetings, Ellis, it's good to be here!  I am sure we will have some good times of cyber-fellowship!  Allan

At 17:59 on 4thMo. 4, 2014, Allan Halton said…

Speaking of "technological fossils," Ellis, where is the "simple photo uploader"?

At 12:02 on 6thMo. 16, 2014, Mike Beranek said…
Thank you Ellis. I'm 43, an unemployed former psychiatrist and member of London West Area Meeting, and I am now constantly reading and reflecting on matters of the spirit and find the foundational message of Fox just so empowering and so beautifully simple and universal. I do a weekly bible- related blog on

I look forward to taking part in the NFF

Best wishes
At 10:20 on 6thMo. 19, 2014, Mike Beranek said…
Thanks Ellis. I like the sound of that conference. It really is as simple as accepting the working of Christ within, and obeying the leanings given. Not to say that's always easy!
At 0:18 on 2ndMo. 11, 2015, John Leighton said…

You asked me about opportunities for the early Quaker message in the HK meeting.   There are two Quaker groups in HK - one is an outreach of EFI amongst Filipino people. The other, my meeting, is an unprogrammed 'liberal' meeting.  However, I am happy to state that there is a good mix of people in our meeting, and the early Quaker message is already in existence, as a strand of thought amongst others.  The meeting is broadly Christocentric, without being necessarily exclusively so.

At 13:03 on 2ndMo. 11, 2015, John Leighton said…

No problem. I am British, yes.  

At 15:04 on 3rdMo. 10, 2015, Richard Robert Davis said…

 Hello Ellis. Thank you for adding me to the site. I may have been confused in my thinking that NFF was a Conservative Friend's site, but I do see some Conservative contributions by certain members. So, hopefully, I will be able to learn from them, as well as others, as the Spirit leads.

 I am strongly convinced of the historical reality of Christ and the teachings of Holy Scripture, but, as the saying goes: "Live and let live."

 I have been a believer since 1963, after discharge from the Army. Before that, I was a nominal Episcopalian growing up, and after that , not much of anything at all. However , certain traumatic events while stationed in Okinawa and Korea, started me on a search for meaning after discharge in 1962.

 I won't go into details, but I did find some kind of spiritual Light in a Baptist group of the fundamentalist variety. As time went on I found much of Fundamentalism to be shallow and self-centered. The preaching and teaching became more pedantic; historical rather than experiential.  I did attend different "churches" but usually left feeling empty.

 Most of my worship has been by myself, reading Scripture and other spiritually edifying books. Eventually, I started reading George Fox, Robert Barclay, as well as other early Friends, all of whom stayed close to the major Christian doctrines of the early Church.

 However, my understanding of Quaker spirituality has to be nourished and deepened by those , who have the Spirit and not just the letter .

 By God's grace and leading thus far,


At 20:01 on 3rdMo. 13, 2015, Richard Robert Davis said…

Hello Ellis, As I just commented to Bill, the teaching of the Spirit of Christ still presently speaking to believers beyond the Scriptures is what drew me with joy to the teachings of Fox, Barclay, et al.

Thank you for your further clarification of the subject. I am an eager pupil desiring to learn more.


At 18:13 on 8thMo. 2, 2015, Jaakko Ainonen said…

Hello Ellis

Thank`s for message. I answered but accidentally send it to your inbox. So as i was saying, about two years ago i get this strong interest in Quakerism. It has allways interest me somehow but this time it was a "burden" that does not leave me. So i start to explore Quakerism and looking for a Christian Quakers. It takes some time to find Christan Quakers at one point i thought that all Quakers are liberal nowadays.

I have participated in Skype trough the Bunhill Quaker meeting now for about five months. My aim is to translate early Quakers text`s to finnish and find a like minded people from Finland so that we can organize a group for meeting

At 14:54 on 8thMo. 5, 2015, Jaakko Ainonen said…

Thank`s for answer Ellis.

So you live in Wyoming are you? Are you a member of some yerly meeting. Did you mean that you gathered a group for a meeting in 1983? Is it still workin and do you have a group meeting to go?

At 14:54 on 10thMo. 2, 2015, Pamela Hirsch said…

Hi Ellis,

thanks for the welcome. After a really great Christ-centred meeting last night at Moseley Quaker meeting [we meet 1st and 3rd Thursday in a United Reform Church hall], I came home to find My NFF membership had been accepted! What an amazing day!

At 20:02 on 10thMo. 12, 2015, Rhonda Fuller said…

Thank you for the welcome. After some difficulty setting up my page, I did write something from my amazing experience in Meeting yesterday. 

At 14:37 on 4thMo. 25, 2016, Toni Figueira said…

Thank you for the introduction, Ellis.

I have been drawn to the Society of Friends for a few months now, in particular the Gospel as preached by the early Quakers. I currently frequent evangelical gatherings if and when circumstances permit. There are no Quaker conservative, evangelical and or Gurneyite meetings in my area.

I became interested in the work of the New Foundation Fellowship after listening to messages delivered by Lewis Benson @

I hope to learn more of the Quakers as espoused by the early Friends and via this website.


At 15:38 on 4thMo. 26, 2016, Toni Figueira said…

Many thanks, Ellis!


At 13:23 on 7thMo. 21, 2016, Irene Goodman said…
Thank you Friend for welcoming me. I have been a Friend for over fifty years. Many years ago I heard Christ in my soul say "why don't you speak my name?" Since then, I have tried to be a faithful witness., mostly among Quakers in New York Yearly Meeting. More seems to asked of me now.At Manhasset meeting we are mostly Christ centered. I already know some of you personally & feel happy to be accepted into this holy fellowship. Love & blessings,Irene
At 2:57 on 9thMo. 23, 2016, Henry Jason, Jr. said…

Hello, Ellis.


At 18:55 on 4thMo. 18, 2017, Heinz Roberg said…

Hello Friend Ellis, -

It feels good to be back again, and I explicitly thank thee for accepting my request.

Thee already knows part of my jourmey, so I don't have to repeat that here in order that I would not bore thee. In 2012 I unhappily lost my job, and I found both shelter and job in a Dutch Trappist abbey. It seemed to be the will of providence that the local abbot was astonishingly interested and open-minded as regards my Quaker Faith. Imagine, Ellis, he not only invited me to regularly organise Waiting Worships for interested parties of the convent, he even allowed me to visit the local Meeting in Deventer time and again. As a matter of principle, however, the fundamental limits of a Trappist monastery are sort of detrimental to a Quaker vocation, and though I am an anxious kind of person I could no longer ignore the clear leadings of the Lord, -- and this meant in effect I left the abbey. I had just one bag, a ticket to Berlin, 200 Euros, a vision where to go, and my heart full of trust in God. In advance, I called Major P Walz, the chief of the Northern Division of the German Salvation Army, asking him to tell me where I should go. He told me the Meißen Corps had prayed to God to send them a co-worker. "Go there - and see what will happen", the Major said. So I did. That was two years ago. Very soon I became the Corps Sergeant Major of that Meißen Corps (in Saxonia, East Germany, near the City of Dresden), where I deputise for our Corps Officers who most of the time work in Dresden. So, outwardly a so-called "local officer" of the Salvation Army caring for the unhappy fellows here in Meißen, I more than ever try to do my best to lead a life in obedience to the leadings of the Light, defining me as a Friend - without formally belonging to any Monthly Meeting of the RSoF. I consciously do not apply for membership in the German RSoF as I don't feel at home among these wonderful Friends the majority of which, nevertheless, would consider me (a professing Christian, and an enthusiast as regards the theology(s) and testimonies of Early Friends) just a poor freak. For that reason, I was led to establish a formal alternative to the official Religious Society of Friends in my country. For one thing, this would create a frame for a couple of people I found so far being very moved by the (traditional) Quaker way, and then, creating kind of a "biotope" for non-wealthy and no-highly educated middle class people who, as a rule, don't feel at home among official Meetings. - The process of constituting has not yet begun. I realise God's promptings. At the same time I am a bit chicken-hearted...

In Fellowship, Heinz

At 7:51 on 5thMo. 1, 2018, Trevor Bending said…

 O Ellis. I can’t find them. Where do I look?

At 7:51 on 5thMo. 1, 2018, Trevor Bending said…

No Ellis!

At 20:07 on 5thMo. 27, 2018, Sarah Stanley said…

The photo is from the Canary Islands on our honeymoon.  We love hiking!  Thank you for pointing us to the resources.  We will certainly check out Benson.

Sarah and Steve 

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