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I went to late Meeting for Worship today. As before, the Lord sent me. It was time, He let me know. 

Yesterday, I wrote a blog, which I read to the Meeting. You can read it if you go to Title: God's Teaching. It originated from my readings in Leviticus (thus far). As I stated to the Meeting, I am always in the Spirit. I had written a blog a year or so ago about living a Spirit ordered life, and the Lord has given me that privilege since I got down on my knees. So what I read to them was out of the Spirit, as are almost all of my blog posts.

The end of the blog said that unlike the Israelites we have had the benefit of moral instruction. Unlike them we also know of Jesus, the promised Messiah, his purpose in coming and dying and being resurrected from the grave. It was about His blood cleansing all people, to make us holy when we accept God's invitation to salvation. And when we are consecrated as the Israelites were consecrated, we are set apart. We are instructed through our Inward Teacher, Yeshua, Messiah, how to be. Through Him we are taught the ways of God. 

That is what the Lord wanted me to tell them: the gospel, the good news. They did not like it. Oh, the counter speakings flowed almost immediately, filled with antisemitism, paganism, pantheism, Darwinism, New Ageism. It was a long, tiresome Meeting. Someone asked to be held in the light. I asked her what she meant by the light. She look puzzled momentarily and then said, "Oh, in your thoughts." I can't hold you in my thoughts, I replied but I can pray for you. I later thought I needed to add, I can't hole you in my thoughts because I have no power, but Christ does. I'll pray for you. Tell me your name. She wouldn't tell me her name. I heard it anyway and I'll pray for her. But you can imagine how discouraged I felt through the rest of Meeting and on my way home. Then, just as I returned home, joy filled my heart. I had understood as I was walking from Meeting that it wasn't the people but Satan I was dealing with and that Christ Jesus has defeated Satan. But what brought joy to me was Jesus saying to me that Satan's minions were working to scare me away. For the first time since returning to the Meeting I can't wait to go again. Praise God. Blessed is my Lord.

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Comment by Ellis Hein on 11thMo. 10, 2015 at 13:17

The people of God, in scorn called Quakers are not the same as the people of the world proudly claiming the name Quaker. "Before whom do you quake? and what is it that causes your bones to be filled with shaking? are essential questions in differentiating these two taxonomical groups. It is one thing to claim a heritage, a lineage. It is another thing to have possession of that inheritance. Isaiah's prophecy concerning the messiah is that he will cause us to regain our desolate heritage. Without him, the inheritance lies forsaken and abandoned.

Comment by Rhonda Fuller on 11thMo. 11, 2015 at 1:40

I agree with you, Ellis. In fact, one of my um strategies perhaps, was/is to demonstrate to these usurpers that they are not Quaker; that Quaker is in fact synonymous with Christian.

Comment by Ellis Hein on 11thMo. 11, 2015 at 13:46

You may already have run into the notion of "continuing revelation." But that is an old saw that does not cut according to their purpose. They would claim to have achieved a state of higher enlightenment than Fox and his contemporaries, but continuing revelation has to do with Jesus revealing himself to each succeeding generation. We are not working with an old, stale history of something that happened 2,000 years ago, but we are experiencing the fresh revelation of Jesus' life and power at work in our own life to redeem us from the fall and renew us into the image of God and  to make us living beings and to guide us in all things. The paganism, new agism, and all the rest is nothing new, merely the Serpent's lie reworked and served on a different platter.

So stand in the life of Christ where only you will be shown the way forward. All manner of airy notions float about, but the life will confound them all.


Comment by Rhonda Fuller on 11thMo. 12, 2015 at 0:45

Jesus is all I have to count on. He sent me to preach the Gospel to them and He will see me through.

A poem I wrote many years ago begins thus: I love the Lord. He is my voice.

I pray that it is His voice that comes out of my mouth when I speak in Meeting. It doesn't go well when I speak from my own voice.

So much runs in my head to say to them. But to God is the victory. I want only to be His faithful servant and in being His faithful servant, say what He means for them to hear. I don't want to run ahead of what is to be given me. And I must remember, the battle isn't with people, but Satan.

I'm just into my third reading of Barclay's fourth proposition in his Apology, concerning the condition of man in the Fall. The members of Red Cedar Friends (in Truth, which I think they don't know) are subject to the power, nature, and seed of the serpent and will continue in that condition until they are "disjoined" from this evil seed.

Glory be to God,


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