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9thMo. 2011 Blog Posts (4)

Stretching our understanding and experience of the Messiah

The following is a paper I gave at the Oregon gathering this summer which was a joint meeting of the NFF and the Wider Conservative Friends Fellowship.  It is related to the blog I have been working on this year (2011) but has its own content.  May it be of use to you who read it.


Stretching our understanding and experience of the Messiah

“They asked one another, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us as he talked to us on the road and opened the…


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Water or Holy Spirit & Fire

There are at least two difficulties connected with the concept of baptism from the Quaker understanding.  One has to do with the fact that most people have a generally accepted concept of what baptism is.  To present the Quaker view of baptism means to offer a radically different view, and most people do not easily give up long-held understandings.  The second difficulty lies in the fact that, unlike most words in the Greek New Testament, the word baptizo was never translated into…


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How to Become a Christ-ian

During the course of a recent gathering and subsequent conservation, the following comments arose that illustrate the confusion about becoming a Christian.


Do we hear Jesus differently or more clearly the more we intentionally come before Him whether that be for the purpose of corporate worship or whether we are practicing individual spiritual disciplines such as silence? I asked the question for the purpose of clarifying your comments about disciples being…

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Caroline Stephen On "Conscience and Light" (Suggested By Maurine Pyle)

Conscience and Light


Caroline Stephen, 1891



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